There is so much involved in owning and managing a business. You can’t be

everywhere all the time. Let marketing be one less item on your list. We do

social media marketing (paid and otherwise), corporate events, projects, and

more. We note down your stats before we start and aim to improve visibility,

interaction, response and more. You can choose between one month, three month and six month contracts with the option of renewing. Contact us for a


Marketing is a part of everyday life in a business. You may find yourself without a marketing department having to do it all yourself or find that your team is overwhelmed. Alternatively you may not know where to start or be looking for new ideas. Either way, that's where we come in. We are happy to work on short term contracts (i.e. one month, or three months) and often group this as an add on for our marketing services. However, if you have the necessary implementation skills we are happy to provide consultancy and advice on its own. Make your business stand out - in a good way.



Writing & Editing


We communicate through words. This means that we need to be selective about

which words we use and how we use them. We will write prose for you which reflects your message accurately and concisely. To do this we place ourselves in the shoes of the reader, use excellent grammar and creative ideas to deliver content which is a perfect fit.  We write content for websites, brochures, books, itineraries, fliers, advertisements, speeches and more.  Let us get the message across for you. 


There is more to design than meets the eye. Design is not about a bunch of

pretty images strung together. Design is strategic. You may have wonderful

content but if it is not packaged in a way that draws the client in then it is wasted. Design is the face of your business, it is what people see on a daily basis. We design brochures, fliers, itineraries, business cards, books, essays, CVs, websites and more.  The best part? You will be part of the design process. As we are designing your identity we like to work closely with you to ensure that the final outcome is not only an accurate reflection of what you and your business stand for, but also that you like it.